Transformed Spaces.


Fostering inclusive, adaptive and responsive workspaces

Transformed Spaces.


Transformed Spaces, Spaces International, Listen, Learn, Engage, Inclusion, Diversity, Systemic Change

Our Objectives.

  • Enter existing workspaces and support organisations who want to be more inclusive and create a culture where each individual is treated with respect and value and able to give their best

  • Create strategies and resources tailored to the organisation, its culture and business needs to maximize effectiveness and sustainability

  • Share resources to empower organisations to continue learning from global best practices, research findings and most importantly lived experiences

How we can help.

Much like individuals, organisations are unique with differing needs and contexts. Any truly transformative organisational strategy must thus be built on an understanding of these complexities. Based on this belief, our focus in Transformed Spaces is on creating tailor-made strategies that work for the organisation, rather than providing a one size fits all model.

We have mapped out three broad categories for suggested interventions, but we strongly encourage organisations to explore with us what the most effective strategy would look like for them.

1. Training and Resources.

  • Bringing in speakers and panellists with lived experience
  • Organising workshops on inclusive recruitment and company culture
  • Providing resource packs based on the organisation’s needs

2. Internal Policy Reviews.

  • Facilitating ‘difficult’ internal staff conversations
  • Reporting thematic issues from these conversations to leadership to inform policy changes
  • Creating data models to track results

3. External Engagement.

  • Identifying CSR opportunities through internships, charity partnerships, etc.
  • Running Social Media campaigns to share internal lessons and changes with the wider public

In addition to these tailored strategies on offer, we also plan to organise events, which will be open to a wider audience. We will announce these through our communication channels.

If you're interested...

  • Send us an email with a brief overview of what you are looking for and we can set-up an informal conversation with one of our team members to explore options
  • Sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media to ensure you receive updates on events and resources

Get Involved.


  • Six months placement starting February 2021
  • Commit at least 3 hours a week
  • Gain experience
  • Gain express pass to workshops
  • Receive certificate/ reference letter upon successful completion
Workshop, Transformed Spaces, Spaces International, Listen, Learn, Engage, Inclusion, Diversity, Systemic Change
25 November, 2021
12:30 pm GMT
Format: Transformed Spaces
Platform: Google Meet


Transformed Spaces Workshops are one of many opportunities for anyone to learn valuable life skills to support and nurture continuous growth and evolution as we work towards building a more inclusive world for all of us.

Join the Movement.

When we designed Spaces one of our main aims was to create a social movement where everyone has a place and can get involved.

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