Small actions made with intent and motivated by understanding can have a seismic impact.

Real change means real people. Our model is to create opportunities, and we want ordinary people to feel empowered to be active participants in change. Our Allies are individuals who make a commitment to be active participants in the change process, irrespective of what that participation may look like. Our goal is to create a global network of Allies, all working in their own spheres of influence advocating for more inclusive social structures. 

While we believe that each individual has a unique piece of the puzzle, and which they themselves are best placed to identify. We have mapped out 3 broad themes we recommend Allies commit to, with some ideas under each. We strongly encourage our Allies to think beyond this list and share their ideas to make this a richer experience.

Personal Development.

  • Attend a safe spaces group
  • Commit to doing the weekly challenges sent out by the Lead Ally
  • Maintain a journal of your reflections throughout the process

Engagement and Networking.

  • Spread the word with your network, talk about Spaces and identify opportunities for growth
  • Share your reflections and personal journey in any format you choose (an article, poem, picture, video, song, or any other medium – be creative!)
  • Share any resources you have found helpful with the Ally community

Share Skills and Expertise.

  • Become a Safe Spaces facilitator – we will run regular training and provide resources to support you to set up your own groups and run them effectively.
  • Takeover our social media for a day
  • Share your organisational skills and volunteer as our admin lead to help us keep track of the volumes of emails we receive
  • Participate in Spaces fundraising projects
  • Think beyond this list and suggest avenues for involvement that are uniquely YOU.

How does this all work?

Step 1: Sign Up
Sign up to join the the movement!

Step 2: Find Out More
Attend a Welcome Meet with our Lead Ally and a member of the founding team. This will be an informal, virtual session where you will meet our Lead Ally and one of our founders. We will have a chance to explain our vision for the Allies within the Spaces movement and consider how you could get involved. There will be no pressure to join, just a chance to talk to each other – so come along even if you have more questions than answers!

Step 3: Make A Commitment
Make a commitment to actively engage in way that works for YOU.
You will then be invited to an exclusive Ally community where you will be part of a global network of Spaces Allies. Identify your chosen way of engagement – you can use the ideas above as a guide and share this with the community. This keeps us all accountable but also provides us with support and creative ideas. Receive weekly challenges and ideas for action. Monthly check-ins with the community to share ideas and reflections

Join the Movement.

When we designed Spaces one of our main aims was to create a social movement where everyone has a place and can get involved.

Are you ready to step forward from being an onlooker to a champion, and make the shift from consumer to contributor?

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